offers a website migration service to help customers move their existing site or WordPress blog to our web hosting. These terms and conditions set out how we provide this service and apply to both paid and free migrations included with our web hosting plans.

Requesting a website migration and providing the necessary information for us to perform a migration constitutes your acceptance of these terms and our General Terms and Conditions.

How migrations work:

Step 1: Collecting details

The first step is to get in touch with our support team, we will ask for some details about your current hosting arrangements and confirm if the proposed migration is included free with your chosen web hosting plan.

At a minimum, we will require database credentials sufficient to take a dump of the database and FTP credentials. However, it can make things much faster if we have full account access.

Step 2: Scheduling migration

Once we have verified the information and access credentials necessary to perform the migration we will suggest a migration date and time window for us to perform the migration. This will usually be within 1 working day, but may take longer depending on the size of your site and how busy the team is.

Step 3: Preparing migration

If necessary and so long as you have provided us access, we will adjust your DNS configuration to help smooth the transition and we may also begin copying data to the new account.

Step 4: Full data migration

During the scheduled migration window we will sync your files and databases to the new hosting account. We will then ask you to verify that everything is working as expected using a temporary URL.

Step 5: Switch DNS

Once you've confirmed you're happy we'll update the DNS configuration and your site will start being served from our servers.

Step 6: Cancelling your old hosting

We'll confirm once everything has updated and is pointing to your new hosting. At this point it should be safe to cancel your old hosting account. We recommend allowing a couple of days after making the DNS switch and ensuring you have a copy of any data first.


What isn't included:

  1. Unless it's a cPanel to cPanel migration, we do not usually transfer email accounts as part of the migration - we can, however, provide guidance on how you can move your emails over.
  2. The service is provided on a best-effort basis. Sometimes websites are complex and it's not always possible to migrate complicated or messy setups perfectly.
  3. We will not debug your code or database for you. While we try to help get you going and often will help with small issues when we can, more complicated issues are outside of the remit of this service. If desired, we may be able to quote for code consultancy to resolve technical website issues.
  4. If you do not host the DNS with, you will need to ensure it is updated correctly to point to your new hosting during the migration window.
  5. We will not migrate SSL certificates from your old provider.
  6. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a backup of your website data and files. is not responsible for data loss or damage due to using this service.



Last updated: 9th November 2018