What is the difference between DV, EV, OV, and wildcard?

DV - domain validation. All this means is that the certificate authority will verify you have control over the domain. This ranges from you putting a file on your website or sometimes an email to the WHOIS contact. We will guide you through this process. 

EV - extended validation. This is the highest level of validation. For example through phone numbers listed on public directories, the WHOIS records, and other. We'll give you advice on what to expect in detail. 

OV - organisational verification. Usually, the certificate authority will verify the company name through business records. 

Wildcard - A wildcard indicates that it covers any subdomain on your site, not just the main domain. For example about.example.com will be covered, as well as test.example.com, www.example.com, staff.example.com, etc!

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